My Korean Language Journey

Well, I’ve already told you about how I started learning Japanese and Spanish. Now, it’s time for Korean. In high school, I was searching for Japanese penpals, and found a few Korean penpals, too. One of them, 경진, taught me how to read 한글. At the same time, I started getting into kpop through BoA, who I knew through jpop. I became a member of a Baby VOX community, and learned some Korean vocabulary there. I taught myself words through lyrics again (사랑, 사람, 이제, 눈물, etc.)

But, then Baby VOX broke up in 2006, the same year that I graduated high school, and I kind of lost interest in Korean for a while. Then, in 2008, I decided to give Big Bang’s 붉은노을 a listen. I was hooked! I started listening to more and more and more kpop songs. Then, I got into dramas. My first was 궁 because Baby VOX’s 윤은혜 starred in it.

I started taking Korean lessons online in 2011 on italki after I graduated from my master’s program, and have not stopped since. I plan on taking the TOPIK soon. I really think I can do it. But, I’m so scared.

In 2012, I visited 경진 in Korea for the first time. We had so much fun! We traveled to 12 cities in 14 days. I couldn’t have asked for a better trip. I desperately want to go back. But, now she’s working in New Zealand, so I will have to make it on my own.

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