Korean Studying 07/20/2015

I had a lesson last night with my tutor. We read “해와 달 이야기” from Once Upon a Time in Korea. I really struggled with reading the stories in this book in the beginning. It used to take up the entire hour lesson. But, now, on the 18th story, it feels so easy. Of course, there was some vocabulary that I hadn’t known, but the grammar was all familiar.

New vocabulary from the story:
키우다 – to raise (as in children)
잔치 – party
문을 두드리다 – to knock on the door
문틈 – crack in the door
뒷문 – backdoor
도끼 – axe
찍다 – to chop
남매 – siblings
하느님 – God
빌다 – to pray
튼튼하다 – to be sturdy
밧줄 – rope
썩다 – to rot

After the reading, I learned a new grammar point. I had already known -아/어지다 meant “to become…” But, I had used it for “to be hugged” (안다 -> 안아지다) which is WRONG. It’s 안기다. Apparently, there are a few different syllables that can be added to verbs to mean “to be ___ed.” I will just have to memorize them as I encounter them. Below are some examples of the grammar we did:
간호사가 고양이를 잘 먹서 고양이가 뚱뚱해어요.
간호사가 고양이를 잘 먹서 간호사가 고양이를 뚱뚱하 만들었어요.

안다 to hug
다 to be hugged
뚱뚱하다 to be fat
뚱뚱해다 to become fat
뚱뚱하 하다/만들다 to make someone fat
다  to feed

Overall, it was a good lesson that made me feel successful, but also made me frustrated with having to memorize grammar (a normal Korean lesson.) Tonight, it’s on to Japanese.