Japanese Studying 07/21/2015

I had a lesson on the 21st with my Japanese tutor. I began the lesson by asking about お食い初め (okuizome). My Japanese friend just held the ceremony for her three-month-old daughter, and had sent me photos. お食い初め is celebrated on or around a Japanese baby’s 100th Day. It is a “first meal” for the baby. The family sets a meal out with rice, fish, vegetables, and other food for the baby to try. I think usually the baby doesn’t really eat, but it’s more about the ceremony. In the photo (which I won’t post for privacy reasons), the baby did not look happy. haha

After discussing the ceremony, we read 砂時計 as usual, and almost finished the first volume! I love this series so much, and it’s nice to be able to read it in the original Japanese. Next lesson, we will finish the first volume of 砂時計 and watch a video to practice listening.

I have found that my lack of knowledge of kanji (I only know about 50 or so) is really holding me back. So, I started a kanji notebook that I have been writing in every day. I can do this! Anyone have any kanji study tips?