Korean Studying 08/11/2015

This week, we chatted a lot about music and actors. My tutor and I have similar taste, but I like more idols than she does. haha Neither of us find 김수현 attractive. haha Sorry! I think he’s a great actor, but I just find his face too girly for me, personally.

Anyway, we started reading “효녀 심청” from Once Upon a Time in Korea. I only got maybe 1/4 of the way through. But, we did go over a grammar point:

…는 소문을 들었어요. 소문 literally means rumor. So, it could mean “I’ve heard a rumor that…” or just “I’ve heard that…” My tutor’s example was 김수현이 수술했다는 소문을 들었어요. haha Her words, not mine! So, if the thing you’ve heard is past tense, you just take the past tense stem and add 다는 소문을 들었어요. If it’s in the present tense, you add -ㄴ or 는 depending on if the stem ends in a vowel or consonant. For example,  에밀리가 케익을 먹는다는 소문을 들었어요. haha Once again, her words, not mine, but I think this one might be true.

Have you heard any good rumors lately?