Flight from Shanghai to Incheon on China Eastern Airlines

MU 5041 PVG – ICN
3/19/2017 9:20am
Pudong Airport is very open, and has many shops. There are only a few places to eat, though. It was also quite warm. I was hot and thirsty, so I went to one of the free water machines to get a nice cup of cool water. The options on the machine were 1) warm, 2) warm, and 3) hot. So, I tried warm, but it was really too warm. I ended up buying a bottle of water at the FamilyMart inside. First, I needed to exchange money. I went all the way to the currency exchange counter, handed the cashier a 20, and he replied that he would do 15. I assumed that meant that there was a $5 fee. But no, he gave me back a $5, and 79 RMB. I bought the water and an onigiri from FamilyMart that cost maybe 15 RMB. Then I went to the Sunrise Restaurant, and ordered a pepper beef bowl with rice. I had to order a water bottle there too, because they didn’t offer tap. So yeah. I had to pay with a card. The total was 78 RMB. If only I had gone there first! Oh, and at the restaurant, you pay first before they bring your food. There were two baby bok choi in with the beef, sauce, and rice. It was nice to not eat airplane food.
After that, I went to the gate to wait and read my book. They made announcements in Mandarin, English, and Japanese/Korean, depending on the destination. For my flight, they announced the boarding of families with children and people who need assistance, then they announced those seated past row 40. I was row 37. I waited, and then the screen said “last call” or something, but they never announced those seated before row 40. Whatever. I was able to board no problem. The plane was small, and there was not enough room for my carry-on under the seat in front of me. They served a meal on board, which shocked me. It was only a 95 minute flight! They served beef with rice. I really should not have eaten in Shanghai. Oops.
After arriving in Incheon, I had to go through quarantine, immigration, and customs. It took a while, but it was painless.