About Me

My name is Emily. My main passions in life are language learning and traveling. I want to be a polyglot! My native language is English, and I learned Spanish to fluency in school and online. I am an intermediate level in Korean and Japanese. I spend a lot of my free time self-studying or immersing myself in the languages/cultures. I also have an interest in German, Polish, Italian, Hindi, and just about any language you can think of. Unfortunately, I am not able to converse in them beyond very basic sentences. Yet. Recently, I have come to realize that I want to actually mark my learning with a blog and possibly language exams.

I started traveling outside my native USA in 2007, and have become quite addicted. I have been to Spain, Greece, Germany, Scotland, Japan (twice), South Korea (twice), Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. I’ve also been to 17/50 of the United States. Next up is Slovenia in October 2018. I want to use this blog to help others with trip planning AND to keep as memories for myself.